March 2025,
Jardin des Tuileries



Situated in the Jardin des Tuileries, MATTER and SHAPE takes place in a 3000sqm temporary space with a vaulted ceiling and transparent lateral walls, allowing natural light to flood the salon.

Featuring customised stands for up to 40 exhibitors, the salon includes common areas, amenities, a design bookstore and boutique, a café, and a dedicated restaurant with table service for lunch and private dinner opportunities.


MATTER and SHAPE proposed a bright, neutral frame for diverse, expressive projects from around the world.

Designed by LA-based designer and architect Willo Perron of Perron Roettinger Studio, MATTER and SHAPE's first edition was a play of textures and tones that respects the autonomy of each exhibitor whilst radiating a soft, refined minimalism throughout.

The salon offers multiple stand formats separated by posable walls, including options for 2 or 3 walled stands to take advantage of full natural light or the utility of a 3rd background wall for suspended objects.