MATTER and SHAPE invites exhibitors, great and small, to present exceptional projects and products in an elevated setting, celebrating the culture of global design today. 

  • Akari Endo
    , Japan

    Akari Endo-Gaut, a creative director known for her unique sensibility, has made significant contributions across different domains – styling for artist Alex Katz, designing the Michelin-starred Al Coro restaurant, and curating exhibitions for Roman and Williams’ Guild Gallery. Hailing from Japan, she initiated her career in Paris at Self Service magazine and later moved to New York. Presently, she divides her time between Soho and East Hampton.

  • Alessi
    , Italy

    Alessi, founded in Omegna in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, developed a design excellence policy that took it to the forefront of Italian Design Factories at an international level. Over the years, it has produced thousands of objects, many of which have become icons of design. To date, it has collaborated with over three hundred world famous designers and architects. Alessi was able to bring together industrial requirements typical of its sector with its soul as an “applied arts research lab”.

  • Annick Tapernoux
    , Belgium

    Annick Tapernoux is a silversmith artist currently living and working in Brussels.
    After undertaking jewelry design and silversmithing studies in Antwerp, she obtained her Master of Arts at the Royal College of Art in London.
    Her work is intuitive and tactile, infused with its relation to nature and her love for Japan. Her aim is An understated beauty – Objects that invite contemplation, ritual, which make the gesture conscious.
    The feeling that she wants to communicate is one of radiance, light, emotion, presence.

  • Artment Dep
    , South Korea

    Artment.dep, established in 2006, is an art directing studio based in Seoul. Founded by Mijae Kim, who was raised in Tokyo and holds a degree from the London University of the Arts. The studio operates seamlessly from concept development and prototyping to final production and placement.

    Specialising in art directing including graphic and space design, visual consulting, and creative marketing, it delivers outcomes inspired by Korean craft. Its expertise spans various forms such as painting, crafting, interior design, and the creation of furniture and objects.

  • Atelier Ellery
    , France

    ATELIER ELLERY, pioneers of the avant-garde, creates exclusive pieces of collectible design, furniture, and objet d’art. Rooted in Kym Ellery’s foundational design principles, each crafted item reflects a journey of growth. Inspired by her early fascination with architecture, Ellery’s artistic trajectory led her through couture before returning to her true passions: art, sculpture, and object design. The atelier’s creations, drawing from the fashion archives, breathe new life into time-honoured aesthetics, offering a unique synthesis of sculptural form and function. The studio’s modest aspiration is to craft refined pieces, exuding quiet charm and possessing a distinct identity.

  • BD
    , Spain

    In 1972, a group of young architects and designers from Barcelona started BD. They pioneered a new era, establishing a design market in Spain and producing furniture and objects for architectural projects with complete creative freedom – in form and function. Beginning with the designs of Ettore Sottsass and Álvaro Siza, BD provoked a curiosity about design. These early pieces helped bring international recognition to the country’s design scene, and many of them still exist today. 50 years later, we are an international design company run by a new collective owner —Apartamento Magazine, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Igor Urdampilleta from Arquitectura-G, and Hernan Cortés— all architects, artists and designers. Along with one of the founders, Oscar Tusquets, this group of new owners fosters the same daring and nonconformist spirit BD had in its beginnings.

  • Bitossi
    , Italy

    Drawing from a long dynasty and tradition, Guido Bitossi founded the factory in 1921, which today is proudly known as Bitossi Ceramiche. In the early fifties, the company’s evolution took a modern vein under the artistic direction of Aldo Londi, a man with an innate creative and aesthetic sense. Over the years, many designers have contributed to the productions of Bitossi, names including Ettore Sottsass, Nathalie Du Pasquier, FormaFantasma, Max Lamb, Faye Toogood and many others.

  • Bocci
    , Canada

    Bocci functions as a versatile design studio, research lab, and factory, all centered on the fundamental design principles of Omer Arbel. Its focus involves pioneering production methods that enable materials to express themselves based on their inherent properties. This exploration unveils the latent potentials within various elements, including glass, metal, concrete, fire, electricity, and more.

  • Charlotte Chesnais
    , France

    A designer who defies time and trend, Charlotte Chesnais’’ creations ingeniously exist as jewelry and sculpture. Her namesake brand explores pure forms: lines and curves in endless interactions with the body. Circling the neck; swooping around the wrists; grazing the ears – her pieces convey streamlined sensuality and exude rhythmic expression. Charlotte’s first piece dates back to when she worked at Balenciaga for Nicolas Ghesquière and conceived a multiple cuff that played with proportions.

  • Flos
    , Italy

    Flos originated from the visionary idea of transforming people’s lives through innovative objects, beginning with a simple light bulb. Using the cocoon technique, iconic lamps like Taraxacum and Fantasma were born, marking the start of Flos reshaping the concept of artificial lighting.Today, Flos explores collaborations with new designers who envision innovative luminous elements, acting as standalone architectural components, that embarks the brand on a journey of a synthesis of art and technology, pushing the boundaries of established patterns and conventions.

  • Grau
    , Germany

    GRAU is an interdisciplinary team led by the sibling artist duo Timon and Melchior Grau. GRAU activates people’s feelings with light, with smart luminaires and Sun-set Dimming lights that create unique lighting experiences for a magical feel. The brands collection extends into mobile luminaires, sculptural pendants, spotlights and professional workplace lighting all produced and designed at the Hamburg campus. In addition to this, GRAU produces light sculptures and art exhibitions.

  • Griegst
    , Denmark

    Founded in 1963 in Copenhagen by Danish goldsmith and artist Arje Griegst (1938-2016) and Irene Griegst, Griegst is a celebrated fine jewelry brand known for sculptural pieces that transcend traditional jewelry, blending art and adornment. Arje Griegst’s unique cire perdue techniques and passion for organic shapes, clarity, and colour distinguish his sought-after works, collected globally. Beyond jewelry, his legacy includes collaborations in tableware, glassware, and sculptures, with acclaimed pieces like Triton tableware, Konkylie Stellet, and glassware Xanadu. Represented in museums worldwide such as the Metropolitan Museum and Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York,, Arje Griegst received numerous awards for his influential contributions to design.

  • La Romaine Editions
    , France

    La Romaine Éditions aims to showcase the beauty and poetry of everyday objects—a tribute to the home, a return to our roots and a new quest: going home. It is a digital platform offering a selection of objects ranging from tableware to decorative elements, along with collector’s items. Rare pieces are combined with timeless objects, creating a free-flowing, upbeat mix.
    La Romaine Éditions offers a classic collection, but also a thematic selection that changes several times a year, with an homage to a colour, a mood or a season. It is also a line of custom-designed products created with artisans, artists or friends.

  • Lobmeyr
    , Austria

    Founded in 1823 in Vienna by Joseph Lobmeyr. The company maintains a focus on a contemporary interpretation of glass and light, constantly blending tradition with innovation while collaborating with esteemed designers like Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, Ted Muehling, Formafantasma, and Michael Anastassiades. For two centuries, a deep love for materials, emotional connections to products, and personal commitment have characterised each generation. Lobmeyr glasses continue to be meticulously crafted by hand—blown, cut, engraved, and polished. All lighting products are exclusively manufactured at their atelier workshops in Vienna. Lobmeyr produces exquisite handmade crystal and chandeliers, cherished by connoisseurs worldwide..

  • Marbledworks
    , Germany

    Marbledworks is a German design studio, founded by Maximilian Huber and Dominic Kim. We redefine stonemasonry, challenging conventional typologies. Our mindset reflects our identity, how we understand and meet the world around us. Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our holistic philosophy stands apart – one that speaks through the serene language of intellectual sophistication, adopt geometric abstraction, enabled by using artisanal methods, cutting-edge manufacturing, and processing.

  • Marta Sala Editions
    , Italy

    Marta Sala grew up in a family relevant in Italian architecture and design. After her experience at Azucena, her family’s company, in 2015 she founded Marta Sala Editions. The partnership with architects Lazzarini & Pickering gave life to sophisticated and expressive projects. In 2022, she also began working with Federico Peri whose energy brought new ideas and projects, Crafted by expert Italian artisans, Marta Sala Editions furniture is today featured in exclusive bespoke projects, yachts, luxury hotels and fashion boutiques.

  • NM3
    , Italy

    NM3 is a design company based in Milan, which does architecture,interior, product, and custom furniture design. NM3 is a double sided entity,both a design brand, specialising in industrial design and the production of both standardised and custom-made products, and a consultancy agency,offering expertise in interior design, creative direction, and architecture.NM3 believes in modernism as a form of expression. We trust functionalism as problem-solving, and we deal with form and composition. We believe in ordinary abstractness as a source of infinite possibilities.

  • Natalia Criado
    , Colombia

    Natalia Criado has built her brand with a multitask-driven creative approach. Born in Colombia, she discovered her design talent early on, obtaining an Industrial Design diploma in MIlan. In 2011, she founded her jewelry and accessories brand, drawing inspiration from Colombian and Italian cultural legacies. Collaborating with artisans from both countries, Natalia merges contemporary design and craftsmanship, creating objects with minimal geometric shapes. Noteworthy is her ‘Joyas en Casa’ collection, redefining tableware with sculptural mastery. Each piece seamlessly transitions between functionality and decoration, embodying a sense of time and storytelling. Her collaborations with brands like Dyptique, SSENSE, Vero, and Loto del Sur highlight her sustainable practice, emphasising the rich traditions of artisans.

  • OLDER Studio
    , Italy

    OLDER is a Danish/Italian design company specialising in sustainable uniforms that expand the architectural spaces in which they are worn. The studio is founded by Letizia Caramia and Morten Thuesen. All OLDER pieces are designed by merging innovation and functionality with a responsible and sustainable production and supply chain. The studio’s design language is constantly pushing the boundaries and merging design, architecture, art and conscious thinking.

  • Objets de Vie — Delfina Delettrez
    , Italy

    Delfina Delettrez Fendi, a Rome-based designer and jeweller, founded her label in 2007, drawing inspiration from the rich creative legacy of the Fendi matriarchy and Roman ateliers. Collaborating with local goldsmiths, her jewellery reflects a passion for Italian culture and the natural world. Delfina’s collections blend subversive classicism, figurative Surrealism, and natural iconography, creating deeply personal pieces with alchemical narratives. Her designs embrace kinetic components, suggesting movement with floating stones, fluid metal suspensions, and bold dialogues between diamonds, pearls, and precious stones. From anatomical series to unique cuffs, her creations challenge traditional notions of jewellery, handmade in Rome using a blend of traditional goldsmithing and innovative 3D printing techniques.

  • PIN-UP Home
    , USA

    Established in 2022, PIN–UP HOME is a platform specializing in design objects and contemporary home and lifestyle accessories. A sister company to New York-based architecture and design magazine PIN–UP, PIN–UP HOME partners with leading brands to create unique designs at any scale, from individual pieces to full capsule collections. Previous partnerships include a soap on a rope with Shayne Oliver, a portable light with GRAU, and a shelving collection with USM Modular Furniture.

  • RDAI
    , France

    RDAI is an architecture, interior architecture and design agency based in Paris, with a subsidiary in Hong Kong. Founded in 1972 by Rena Dumas, the agency is now led by Denis Montel and Julia Capp. With over one hundred employees from 10 different nationalities, the agency is recognized worldwide. Experienced architects, interior architects, designers, and technicians work together on around 70 international projects each year, always responding to the specifics of places and cultures. RDAI works extend from entire buildings to interior environments and individual objects — with innovative support from technical experts, research and development, data mining and material specialists — treating a diverse selection of programs including retail, hotel, residential, workplace, cultural, events, and furniture design. In 2020 RDAI founded Material Curator, a service offering a refined and creative vision by drawing together its expertise in craftsmanship and materials.

  • Rick Owens
    , France

    In 1994, Rick Owens launched his eponymous brand, initially based in Hollywood before relocating to Paris a few years later. Blending the aesthetics of the American frontier with European influences, his collections offer a mix of approachable and avant-garde pieces. From leather jackets to black cashmere knits, long slim shirts, and loose pants. Throughout his career, Owens has earned accolades such as the Perry Ellis Award, the Cooper-Hewitt Design Award, and the Fashion Group International Rule Breaker Award. The « Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman » exhibition at the Triennale di Milano documented the first two decades of his remarkable career.

  • Sacai x Astier de Villatte
    , Japan x France

    Established by Chitose Abe in Tokyo in 1999, Sacai is renowned for its innovative approach to fashion. The brand embraces hybridization, blending contrasting fabric textures and reinterpreting garment patterns to create unique, timeless pieces with unexpected shapes. Although the collections may convey a sense of femininity, Abe aims to craft clothes that transition effortlessly between occasions. The men’s collection, launched in Spring 2009, follows a similar philosophy, offering carefully crafted staples with a touch of elegance.

  • SolidNature x Sabine Marcelis
    , Netherlands

    SolidNature, established in 2011, is a boutique natural stone and design brand celebrated for crafting luxury interiors and exteriors for global projects. Collaborating with design, fashion, and culture icons such as Prada, OMA, Fendi, and Yves Saint Laurent, SolidNature explores the earth’s treasures with creativity and ingenuity. Sabine Marcelis, a Dutch designer, collaborates with SolidNature. Graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis specializes in product, installation, and spatial design, emphasizing materiality. Her work, known for pure forms highlighting material properties, intervenes in manufacturing processes for visually striking effects in museums and commercial projects.

  • Sophie Lou Jacobsen
    , USA

    Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer based in New York City. She established her studio in 2019 with an initial focus on objects of everyday use, mostly using glass as a medium and exploring the interaction between object and user. With a keen focus on the emotional aspect of objects, she creates pieces for the home that blur the boundaries between functional objects and decorative art. She aims to imbue a certain poetry in her work to enhance daily rituals and to create moments of pause and reflection.

  • TYP
    , Austria

    TYP’s mission is the democratisation of quality through efficient design. Optimum efficiency is achieved by the production methods and acquisition of supplies, which results in a wide range of durable products at fair prices. The colloquial usage of “typ“ stands for a living being, or things that are driven by an independent emphasised character.

  • Teget
    , France

    Teget is a new lifestyle brand, designed by Ana Kraš, with products ranging from homeware to fashion. It brings together, in the most personal and uncompromised way, Ana’s decade long experience of working in design, fashion and art. The brand’s shapes are contemporary and simple, while the textures are rich and the colours unexpected. The items exhibit simplicity, functionality and elegance; sometimes they can feel painterly. Based in Paris, France ‘Teget’ was founded in 2024 by Ana Kraš and Ruben Moreira, as a result of blending her creative skills with his legal and business acumen. The word ‘Teget’ means navy blue in Serbian, Ana’s mother tongue.

  • The Guild of Saint Luke
    , France

    A new venture by award-winning design studio The Guild of Saint Luke, GSL_ GALLERY seeks to elaborate upon its guiding principle of ‘Remastering The Past’ by bringing together contemporary artists and designers who also work according to this way of thinking.

    Located in a clandestine former factory in Pantin, its expressed aim is to argue that time-honoured techniques and proportions are very much alive and well, and that fresh perspectives in production and presentation can keep traditions alive.

  • Tolix
    , France

    Since founded 100 years ago by Xavier Pauchard ,Tolix has always relied on authentic craftsmanship and on the unique expertise and talents of each of its artisans to create timeless designs. This leading the brand to be among the few french companies designated as an ‘’Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’’ (Living Heritage Company). Today, Tolix continues to build upon Pauchard’s original vision under the direction of Co-Owners Antoine Bejui and Emmanuel Diemoz.

  • Ton
    , United Kingdom

    Ton is the new interiors magazine from Jermaine Gallacher, Rory Gleeson and Ted Stansfield. Launched in spring 2023, the magazine is dedicated to the disruptors of design: the radical makers and tastemakers; the outsiders; people with a point of view, who are doing it their own way.

  • Umberto Bellardi Ricci
    , USA

    Umberto Bellardi Ricci, an Italian sculptor and architect based in New York City, blends art and design in his work spanning London, Mexico, and New York. Initially exploring geometric abstraction in cast concrete influenced by Japanese and Mexican modernism, he gained acclaim for his project in Las Pozas, Mexico. Now focusing on folded steel and brass sculptures in New York, his creations incorporate reflective light sources. He designed Laure Prouvost’s Hackney home and crafts objects and furniture for Jenna Lyons’ Soho studio.

  • Verre d’Onge
    , Canada

    Verre d’Onge pieces are hand blown in Montréal by Jérémie St-Onge. His practice, whilst respecting the traditions learned from masters, allows for a more instinctive creative approach. When the craft worker is also an artist, there is space for spontaneity and nuances. Every piece has an unforeseen aspect that distinguishes singular from ordinary. This is not a production, but rather a large collection. The design is in the arrangement, the ensemble defines it.