• On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Design Parade Hyères, MATTER and SHAPE presents a curation of former laureates inside the 19th century Villa Romaine from Thursday June 27th until Sunday June 30th, 2024.

    The ephemeral installation echoes elements of the minimalist architecture proposed by Willo Perron for the 2024 edition of MATTER and SHAPE, a new design salon presented inside the Jardin des Tuileries from March 1 - 4, 2024.

    Aligned with MATTER and SHAPE’s values of contemporary design driven by material prowess and innovation, aesthetic harmony and utility, the chosen pieces propose a bold and artistic vision for modern living. From domestic and outdoor furniture to portable lighting and decorative objets d’art, strict tableaus placed throughout the villa’s ground floor juxtapose its opulent murals and fixtures, creating a call-and-repeat between the industrial and the handmade.

    Framing a dynamic snapshot of the landscape of French design today, MATTER and SHAPE at the Villa Romaine features pieces from the realms of both commercial product and collectible design — reflecting the salons cross-disciplinary approach.

    Samuel Bégis + Margot Cosyn — La Romaine Editions
    Sara de Campos
    Axel Chay — 13 Desserts
    Claire + Léa
    Thomas Defour — 13 Desserts
    Marie + Alexandre — Galerie Signé
    Marion Mailaender — 13 Desserts
    Maximilien Pellet — Double V Gallery
    Julie Richoz — Vitra
    Samy Rio — Petite Friture
    Nienke Sikkema — La Romaine Editions

    Friday 28th — Sunday 30th June, 2024
    38 boulevard d'Orient 83400 Hyères
  • MATTER and SHAPE is pleased to announce a new archive installation titled Arje’s World, opening at GRIEGST gallery, atelier and boutique in Copenhagen during the city’s3daysofdesign festival.

    The historic exhibition lays bare the artisanal process of the Danish artist Arje Griegst (1938-2016), focusing on monumental pieces from the late artist’s catalogue of homeware and artworks in a conversation between the rough and the precious.

    Bringing MATTER and SHAPE’s contemporary perspective to GRIEGST's Nordic-Romantic imagination, the retrospective installation showcases both emblematic and previously unseen objects. Signature designs such as wrought bronze candlesticks and large patinated bronze fountain sculptures sit alongside silver tableware and Murano glass vessels, underscoring Griegst’s experimental and unconventional work with historical and mythical references during the second half of the 20th century.


    June 12 — September 1, 2024 from 12 — 6pm
    Holbergsgade 10 1057 Copenhagen
  • Following the inaugural edition of the new design salon MATTER and SHAPE (2024) in the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France, we are delighted to present the design exhibition FIRE by GRAU during Milan Design Week.

    After touring European museums and institutions, German lighting company GRAU presents the monumental light sculpture Bonfire for the first time in Italy as they unveil its little brother: Fire.

    Comparable to a sound player, Fire is the first light player that reinvents the experience of light by introducing light as a dynamic emotional source.

    FIRE is presented by MATTER and SHAPE and Threes Productions with a reading session of Frankenstein (2023) by Office for a Human Theatre, ft. sound by OUTOFCONTEXT and a musical program by Ruggero Pietromarchi.

    Sunday 14th — Wednesday 17th April from 10am - 6pm

    Sunday 14th April 2024 from 6pm - 10pm

    via Meravigli 4, Milano 20123
  • In 1952, Ernesto Nathan Rogers wrote that by carefully examining an object as simple as a spoon, one could understand the kind of city and society that produced it. But some objects are more utopian than others - by looking at certain designs, we can catch glimpses of realities which do not yet exist. Just as fashion holds up a mirror not to who we are but who we wish to be, design is more of a projection than a representation.

    Which are the worlds implied by the forms we design today? How do they look, feel, and smell? This panel will investigate the evolving nature of domestic space, venturing into the zones of ambiguity where design meets fashion, art converges with industry, and tradition intertwines with the avant-garde. We will unpack our deepest individual and collective aspirations, fears, and dreams, offering insight into the new domestic landscapes taking form in the mind of today’s designers.

    Dan Thawley – MATTER and SHAPE (FR)
    Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, Formafantasma (IT)
    Giulio Margheri, OMA (NL)
    Letizia Caramia, OLDER (IT)

    Moderated by Space Caviar
  • Le design, semble-t-il, prend un tournant pour le local. De plus en plus, les designers redécouvrent des pratiques autrefois considérées comme dépassées afin de transformer ce qui est disponible autour d'eux en sources de matériaux - souvent de manière très contemporaine.

    Cette conversation explore l'équilibre délicat entre le maintien des traditions artisanales et l'acceptation inévitable du changement, en se questionnant sur la façon dont la coutume, l'innovation et la technologie peuvent converger pour incarner à la fois la créativité et la responsabilité environnementale.

    Nous examinerons l'acte de « curation » des matériaux comme une forme de pratique qui est au cœur du design aujourd'hui, en considérant également le rôle de la technologie et de la recherche afin de permettre la transition vers une nouvelle éthique dans la pratique du design.

    Design, it would seem, is taking a turn for the local. Increasingly, designers are rediscovering practices once considered outdated in order to transform whatever is available around them into sources of material - often with a highly contemporary twist. This conversation explores the delicate balance between sustaining craft traditions and embracing the inevitable tide of change, speculating on how custom, innovation and technology can converge to embody both creativity and environmental responsibility. We will examine the act of “curating” materials as a form of practice that is central to design today, while also considering the role of technology and research in making the transition to a new ethics of design practice possible.

    Octave Perrault, Zeroth Systems (FR)
    Denis Montel - RDAI – material curator (FR)
    Julia Daka, Sadaka (FR)

    Moderated by Andrew Ayers
  • Join us at the designer's space to celebrate Landstrich, a publication documenting Umberto Bellardi Ricci’s sculpture practice as seen in landscapes photographed by Adrianna Glavianno in New York’s easternmost point.

    In conversation with Daniel Ayat, curated and edited by Lauren Shooster.
  • Does matter matter?

    For humans, it is something of an obsession. Since the dawn of time, we have manipulated substance to survive and to find beauty. Later, we started asking questions.

    What actually is it? Empedocles, two and a half thousand years ago, was the first to take a stab at an answer, suggesting that all material was composed of four fundamental elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

    In today’s design landscape, where material innovation represents a form of design in itself, advancements in science, technology, and biology are crafting new materials that redefine our environments and aesthetics, marking a new era where design and material innovation converge.

    This panel will examine the way designers approach the question of matter today, in an era in which limitless abundance and disposability can no longer be taken for granted.

    Most importantly, it will ask - are these conditions a constraint, or an opportunity for the definition and affirmation of a new material culture?

    Sabine Marcelis, designer (NZ)
    David Mahyari, founder, SolidNature (NL)
    Jayden Ali, architect, JA Projects (UK)
    Annika Visser, Unspun (USA)

    Moderated by Space Caviar
  • Flos presents a design conversation with Erwan Bouroullec, Philippe Malouin and Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, moderated by PIN-UP creator Felix Burrichter.

    Talk commences at 5pm, drinks from 6pm

    Flos Professional Showroom, 20-22 Passage Dauphine, 75006, Paris
  • Curated by Dan Thawley, India Mahdavi presents the design and art exhibition Foreign Flowers, investigating the unexpected relationships of flowers and plants with the disciplines of furniture-making, fine art, craft and collectible design.

    ft. Grace Atkinson, Thomas Barger, Shannon Clegg, Julian Farade, Elise Gettliffe, Lukas Heerich, Josef Hoffmann, Jochen Holz, Katerina Jebb, Ben Mazey, Kate MccGwire, Suzannah Pettigrew, RAWORKSHOP, Lilla Tabasso, Orfeo Taguiri, Conie Vallese, Nico Vascellari, Flaminia Veronesi, Aurece Vettier

    February 29 until March 16 from 10—7pm, Monday—Saturday

    29 rue de Bellechasse, Paris, 75007