In 1972, a group of young architects and designers from Barcelona started BD. They pioneered a new era, establishing a design market in Spain and producing furniture and objects for architectural projects with complete creative freedom – in form and function. Beginning with the designs of Ettore Sottsass and Álvaro Siza, BD provoked a curiosity about design. These early pieces helped bring international recognition to the country’s design scene, and many of them still exist today. 

50 years later, we are an international design company run by a new collective owner —Apartamento Magazine, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Igor Urdampilleta from Arquitectura-G, and Hernan Cortés— all architects, artists and designers. Along with one of the founders, Oscar Tusquets, this group of new owners fosters the same daring and nonconformist spirit BD had in its beginnings.


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